S.O.S. Liposolution



Specific resculpting concentrate

Anti-cellulite treatment for helping to eliminate the most “stubborn” localised accumulations and achieve a modelled silhouette and smooth, firm skin.

Indicated for
Areas where accumulations are more stubborn (hips, thighs, knees, etc.).

Grape Extract, powerful “fat-burner” specialised in the most stubborn cellulite, whose activity on fat accumulations is 30 times greater than pure caffeine.
Chrysanthemum Extract, that prevents new accumulations and helps to achieve a modelled silhouette and with a firmer appearance.

Presentation: 15 units x 10 ml.

Apply half the vial in the morning with massage on areas that present localised accumulations (hips, thighs, knees, etc.) and the other half at night in the same way.

It can provide a light “heat effect” on the treated area that is intensified if it is applied immediately after the shower.


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