Gentleman’s Club

Purexpert – For Balancing Problematic Skin | 75 minutes

An excellent treatment to balance the skin’s pH and reduce oil secretion.   Ideally this treatment should be taken once every two weeks until the skin is   balanced. Depending upon the severity of the skin problem this could be   within a matter of 6-10 weeks. The treatment commences with a gentle   enzyme peel that helps to anaesthetise the skin allowing for a painless   extraction. A good treatment which can be performed on teenage skin.

Purifying Programme – For Skin with Acne | 75 minutes

For those troubled with Acne, a solution can be found using our PureTskin   treatment especially for Acne. It is highly effective and a real difference can be   seen and felt with the skin in a matter of days. Depending upon the severity of   the Acne, a weekly treatment might be required. This treatment commences   with an Enzyme Peel which can be used on the most sensitive of skin.   PureTskin for Acne works to balance the skin’s pH and reduce oil secretion.   Pustules and breakouts are calmed and reduced whilst the skin is left looking   healthier. This treatment is perfectly suitable for teenagers and upwards.

Skin Purity (For Men) | 60 minutes

A relaxing but effective facial therapy to re-balance and purify the skin with oil and imperfections.

C+ Energy (For Men with Chi-Zen Back Massages) | 60 minutes

Based on a cocktail of Citrus, Sake, Olive Leaf, Eashave, Trace Elements and   Birch Sap, a range of ingredients which have been designed to specifically   cater for men’s skin, which is often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving. An   excellent treatment which is highly relaxing but most effective. This facial   therapy is combined with a highly relaxing 30 minute ‘Chi-Zen’ Back Massage,   – the perfect way to unwind!

Gentleman’s Facial | 1 hour 15 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes

This advance treatment is designed especially for the needs of men’s skin   and his highlighted by a shiatsu massage for the face and shoulders.   Vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts and activated carbons work to   detoxify, re-energize, firm, smoothen and moisturize the skin. Leaving it   soothed and refreshed, while relaxing the body, mind and spirit.

Time Expert Anti-Wrinkling Facial | 60 minutes

Turn back the hands of time and give your skin a smooth and youthful   appearance without costly injection treatments. The skin is rejuvenated   through the powerful action of amino pep tides, soybeans seed extract and an   exotic blend of plant oils. A specialized massage and two separate masks for   the face and neck deeply revitalize and smooth skin. This luxurious treatment   will help bring the skin the look of timeless and flawless beauty. TIM Expert   Anti-Wrinkling Facial is highly recommended for wrinkled skin regardless of   age. You will see results with just one treatment. A series of treatment is   recommended for continued results and home care is a must with this   treatment. I would not recommend this facial except you are committed to   buying home care products in order to achieve the result that this treatment   will deliver to your skin.

Deep Hydration Facial | 60 minutes

Re-hydrate your skin with a sea based facial that includes plant extracts, sea   silk, marine collagen and a rare green algae, that will bring back comfort,   repair dehydration lines and stimulate skin’s own moisturizing system. You will   enjoy the freshness of the ocean in this facial. The Hydraisoin Hydrating   Facial is highly recommended for de-hydrated skin of any age. Our skin care   expert will upon consultation determine which one of our numerous germaine   de cappucini treatments most suited for your skin care needs.