Gelcream SPF 50

Gelcream Control SPF 50 is an emulsion of easy application and rapid absorption, formulated to provide comprehensive care to blotchy skin and / or photoaging.

RetinSphere innovative technology brings the benefits and effectiveness of retinoic acid without adverse effects. This new technology developed by IFC is reinforced with Whitening Booster System, a powerful depigmentation system with six active working in all phases of melanin production for a remarkable control of cutaneous depigmentation *.

How does Neoretin Gelcream on the skin?

– Helps epidermal exfoliation and renewal. Wrinkles and acne are softened and the skin becomes smooth and bright. – It prevents the formation of melanin. The spots are reduced and skin tone becomes more uniform. – Provides high sunscreen (SPF 50), essential to prevent the appearance of new spots.

* Efficacy study performed in 40 patients for 60 days. 73% of patients noticed a visible improvement in their dyschromy and in 19% of cases the melanin index decreased considerably.