Hand & Foot

PerfectSense® Paraffin  is a groundbreaking product that effectively eliminates every significant drawback of current paraffin delivery systems including: the need for corded, electrical heating tubs, long melt times for large amounts of wax, long cooling periods before tub cleaning, messy wax drips and spills, skin burns due to superheated wax, messy scraping to remove wax from skin, and risk of bacterial infection from insanitary communal tubs. PerfectSense® Paraffin treatments is available in an exclusive blend to help maintain optimal skin health through regular hydration, nourishment, and protection

paraffin3Perfect Sense Hand Treatment | 60 minutes | ₦5000

A deeply therapeutic treatment to soothe, repair and rejuvenate your hands. Includes exfoliation, pressure point massage, cuticle nourishment and masque.

Perfect Sense Foot Treatment | 60 minutes | ₦5000

Pressure point massage, aromatic foot exfoliation and masque soaks away tension.


The bnatural Manicure and Pedicure has been described as a luxurious Facial for Hands and Feet by those who have had the experience. We use a blend of herbs and essential oils that energizes, invigorates, soothes and softens. A sumptuous hydro masque with aloe vera extract is our go to mask for a perfect and relaxing pedicure.

Essential Manicure | 35 minutes

Enjoy a warm hand soak, nail trim and file, cuticle nourishment, relaxing hand massage and intense moisturizing, followed by a polish application.

Deluxe Manicure | 50 minutes

All the benefit of an Essential manicure, plus a firming masque on hands and
arms. Paraffin hand treatment. With French Manicure | 60 minutes