Massage Therapy

Hot Stone | 1 hour 15 minutes

Warmed basalt stone, used in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques,

radiates a soothing heat that encourages deep relaxation for the muscle and


Aromatherapy | 50 minutes

Fragrant essential oils combined with Swedish massage produce dramatic

results. You may choose to build up your immune system, be soothed,

invigorated, energized or rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue | 50 minutes

Ideal for athletes and others who place strenuous demands on their bodies.

A deep tissue massage can be customized to target problem areas, ease


and muscle pain, and increase circulation.

Swedish | 1 hour 20 minutes

This popular, therapeutic massage can be customized to help increase

circulation, relax aching muscles and reduce fatigue. Swedish massage

noticeably reduces lower back pain, neck pain and recurring headaches.

Thai Massage | 50 minutes

This ancient form of Thai bodywork incorporates gentle yoga-style stretches


guided breathing, with choreographed movements to attain fluidity and

balance of motion. The technique sends energy freely along the pathways

(energy meridians), removing tension and facilitating a healthy physical,

mental and spiritual balance. Wear loose and comfortable clothing for

freedom of movement.

Reflexology |50 minutes

Reflexology targets the thousands of nerve endings in each foot. When the

nerve endings are stimulated, reflexes which correspond to every area of the

body are triggered. Stress is reduced, the body is brought into a more relaxed

state, as you experience a deeply relaxed feeling throughout your entire body.

Reflexology provides a boost for the immune system. As an alternative to

traditional massage, reflexology is ideal for those who suffer from chronic

headaches and asthma.

Aromatic Energy | 30, 60 or 90 minute treatment

Essential Oils, especially selected, combined with a rhythmic, relaxing

massage technique that relieves tension, restores the senses and offers

absolute tranquillity.

Deeply Warming De-stress back, Neck and Shoulder Revive | 30 minute

When your neck and shoulders feel tight, your back aches and you are
generally tired, spare just 30 minutes for a reviving back treatment which uses a deep heating gel along with a massage ritual to suit your needs.

Placid Paradise | 60 minute treatment
An exquisite massage with spiced pindas of nutmeg, cinnamon and
cardamom bathed in rice, sesame and almond oils. Using gentle pressures
with warm oil creating a stunning experience originating from Thailand.

Spa Aromatic Anti-Stress Prolonged Massage and Shoulder Revive | 105

minute treatment
The ultimate in deep relaxation, with calming & relaxing massage with
blended oils to suit. Our experienced therapies provide a haven where the
body and spirit will be nurtured, resulting in a state of total relaxation,
emotional balance and beauty

Feet Treat | 60 minute treatment

A superb therapy for the feet, offering so much more than a standard
pedicure! The perfect treatment for dry and damaged feet, feet that are
suffering from hyperkeratosis, or for anyone that wishes to show perfect
and well groomed feet! This therapy nourishes the skin intensely but is also
incredibly relaxing to receive.

Intensive Hands | 60 minute treatment

An intensive therapy that can be combined with a manicure to completely
rejuvenate the hands. Recommended for dry skin, hands that are exposed to
damage from the environment, and hands with dark spots or hyper-
pigmentation. Your therapy includes our Eucalyptus hand soak followed
by an exfoliating sugar wax treatment to the elbows, the application of a
hydrating gel mask and massage. A superb therapy that intensively
nourishes, helps to reduce dark spots and provide a better tone to the hands.