Moroccan Hamman


The Hammam is an ancient and time honored institution with roots in Roman and Arab cultures dating back to 600 AD. As the Roman Empire retreated, the hot baths were left behind. However, not until Mohammed passionately recommended the hot sweat baths to his followers did the Islamic Hammam flourish. At that point in history Arabs were not washing often and certainly not with hot water. However, Mohammed felt that the Hammam was beneficial to one’s health, it provided for mental relaxation, helped with muscle, joint aches and pains, most importantly it enhanced fertility. He directed his followers to use the Hammam in order to increase the numbers of Islamic faith and to improve their health. Soon Hammams were spreading across the Middle East and North Africa. Often they were located adjacent to mosques and became ingrained in the washing and purification that was required before prayer.


When Mohammad first advocated the use of the Hammam for religious and recreational purposes, women were forbidden. But as hygienic benefits became apparent, “The Word” was reinterpreted and women were permitted after an illness or after they had given birth. Eventually, Arab men begrudgingly opened the pleasures of the Hammam to women who, before then, had virtually no other opportunity to socialize with anyone outside the home. It wasn’t long before the “Privilege” became a “Right”.


The Hammam became such an important part in the lives of Muslim women that if a husband were to deny his wife her visits to the Hammam, she had grounds for divorce. Mothers found the opportunity to inspectprospective brides for their sons in the Hammam, where no physical flaws or social faults could escape being noticed. The lives of women were enhanced and celebrated in the Hammam. Special Hammam before wedding or after birth of a child were historically important and remain so until this day.


Over the centuries Hammam was transformed from places to wash into an indispensable part of daily social life. They functioned as places of entertainment in a closed society where Islamic rules governed social life. During Victorian Era England, Hammam was introduced and soon flourished. At the height of popularity there were more than 600 million in the United Kingdom. Today Hammam is enjoyed by million of people through the Islamic world and beyond. You can find Hammams in major European cities, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, Indianapolis and now Abuja & Lagos Nigeria.



Exfoliation offers many benefits to your skin.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, sloughing off dry skin cells actually helps to maintain skin’s normal moisture level. Dead skin cells build up naturally and removing this outer-most layer will aid in the absorption of other products, such as thick and creamy moisturizers and lotions.

As we age, the skin renewal process naturally slows down and old cells that would have easily given way to younger cells a few years ago often outstay their welcome on the surface of the skin. This fact is especially true as the weather changes we tend to stay indoors longer and usually settle into a less active lifestyle.

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Our products include rare Argan oil from Morocco

Argan oil is pressed from the fruits of the Argan tree and remains one of the rarest oils in the world. A very labour intensive process, performed primarily by Moroccan women, is required to shell and crush the fruits prior to pressing the oil.

Argan oil properties:

High in fatty and essential fatty acids:

Rich in squalene and may help protect skin from free radicals that cause skin cancer.

Argan oil is a highly recommended ingredient in personal care products for the following:


All Hammam treatment has tremendous curative benefits. It increases physical and emotional detox, nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals. Hammam treatments enhance deep relaxation and rejuvenation while reducing stress and anxiety.

The process of Hammam consists of a steam room treatment and an application of Savon beldi. This is followed by a visit to the steam room. There after you have a total body exfoliation and a light massage. Optionally you can enjoy a Rhassoul facial clay treatment and an Argan oil hair treatment. Body exfoliation is very relaxing and detoxifying.

Complete Hammam treatment – This includes the full service Hammam, Argan oil hair treatment and Rhassoul facial clay.


Full Hammam treatment – This includes steam room therapy and total body exfoliation using skin care products imported from Morocco. Enjoy authentic Moroccan tea at the completion of treatment.


Rhassoul facial clay treatment – This superfine, ancient clay comes from deep below the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, used for centuries by the ancient people of Rome and Egypt. Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium. It helps detoxify and gently exfoliate the skin.

Other Services includes:
Traditional Hammam, Hammam Marrakech, Souqla Hammam, Royal Hammam, etc.

Applied to the hair before the steam room therapy, this rich oil conditions and provides shine to your hair. Argan oil is only produced in Morocco and has been used as a hair and skin treatment for centuries.


We accept debit cards and cash. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we ask that you notify us 24hours in advance. Any appointment cancelled less than a day before the scheduled service will result in a full charge for the service. The process of the Hammam can sometime be rigorous and bruising may result. While every effort will be taken to avoid this, it is not always possible. If you have a medical condition that would prevent you from having a Hammam or experiencing high temperature conditions please let us know. Certain skin conditions could be aggravated by the Hammam. Please let us know if you have a concern.

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